Turning New Pages has MOVED! → The NEW Turning New Pages



I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ve made the move, and created a space that I can claim ownership of and have full control to call an appropriate reflection of who I am. Turning New Pages has shifted over to be it’s grown up version of itself, and is now TurningNewPages.com.

Being on WordPress was an amazing experience over the last 2 years and was an extreme uplifter whenever I would get comments from fellow bloggers, or when people said they noticed something I wrote.

I thought it was time to finally create a space where I felt like I had complete control of the aesthetic for I wanted my blog to be a reflection of me. I’ve learned a lot about what I liked artistically and stylistically while working on my WordPress page, as well as the direction I wanted to take Turning New Pages in. So, I owe a lot to this page and decided I will keep it public as a reminder of where my love for this page began.

I really hope you stop by the new and improved version of TNP, and check out what I’ve been working hard for the last 2 weeks. There’s is most definitely still room for improvement as I am still learning, and am still becoming inspired by other bloggers and creative content makers.

Thanks for everyone who’s supported me, and those who have stumbled maybe once, twice, or a couple of times. It really brightens up my day when I hear somebody say they’ve read what I’ve taken the time to write.

I cannot wait to see my own growth as a person through Turning New Pages!

Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla


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