Nineteen: How I Spent My Birthday.

I turned 19 on the 2nd of August. Do I feel older? No. Do I look older? No, I still look like I’m 12 years old. Do I feel really blessed though? Heck yeah, I do. 

My birthday festivities started on Thursday, July 28. Unfortunately, Billy couldn’t be here for my actual birthday because he would be busy traveling around China and Vietnam (TFTI – just kidding) with his family. So we decided to celebrate my birthday before he left. I challenged him to come up with something fun, something we both haven’t done before because he gave me the same challenge earlier this year for his birthday (painting pottery and his favourite Viet place for dinner – I tried). Challenge was accepted and fulfilled with very minimal planning, which I really appreciated. We aren’t the type to do super fancy things because we’re pretty simple people to please. He brought me to Thunder Rapids Amusement Park for some mini golf (which he totally smoked me at but I got 2 hole in one’s, something I’m going to brag about forever), and batting cages because he remembered that I really wanted to try it out. We ended the day off with an early dinner (like 3pm) at Red Lobster. Thanks for the amazing time B, you’re amazing.

The fun resumed on my actual birthday, only because I had nothing planned and we had family reunion events ALL weekend. S/o to my cousins (but actually nieces) from Hawaii and OKC, thanks for the amazing weekend, heh.

The day started with me having lunch with my Lola Downtown (lola means grandma and downtown because she always goes downtown) at Moxies. It was a cute little lunch date consisting of lots of laughs, bomb a** calamari, and sandwiches we both couldn’t even finish. Thanks Lola for the fun date! ♥︎

After an hour nap, Monica and I picked up Jailene from the airport because she was arriving from LA (CONGRATS SIKAT FOR MAKING IT TO WOD FINALS)! We went straight to Hooters for wings right after. No mercy to our stomachs at all because we bought 50 and each of us only ate like 7 wings and shared a plate of nachos. I guess you can have too many wings, haha.

To sum up me turning 19, I would say I’m extremely blessed. As I get older, I realize that extravagance isn’t necessary to feel complete satisfaction on your birthday. In comparison to when you’re a child and having the best birthday was the biggest accomplishment because you got some sort of credit for it. Being with the right people is more than enough for me. Gifts and birthday greets are all little bonuses (i’m not trying to show off what I got, I’m just showing my thanks) and it’s the quality time on special days that prove how much my life is actually worth.

Sure, 19 isn’t a number of significance except for it being the last of your teen years. The saying “Your teenage years are the best years of your life” may be true to some, may be to most because of the minimal amount of responsibility. But I really hope the best years of my life are yet to come. 

Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday, you’re all amazing people and  I also wish you happiness like you’ve given me on my birthday. Thank you all for the gifts, the love, the blessings, and wishes of joy. 



Thanks for helping me turn these new pages, 

♥ Karla




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